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Vusimuzi Manga Ndlovu

Bluebunch Media was founded in 2020 by Vusimuzi Manga Ndlovu. Its a platform designed to push and support African Art ranging from fashion to music. We give both upcoming and established artists a chance to market themselves and their art through one on one interviews, and we set up a dedicated YouTube channel specifically for that purpose.

We have a  Facebook page that will feature and advertise as well as air live interviews with artists.

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Bluebunch Media is a social media platform powered by Bluebunch Radio. We support and promote African artists, Our YouTube channel and Facebook page are dedicated to African Art, Check us out.

Vusimuzi is a massive music fanatic with more than 15 years of experience in the music industry having produced, written, and composed songs for various artists in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland.

He carries a Diploma in Arts and is currently studying Radio Broadcasting. He founded Bluebunch TV (Then Bluebunch Connection) in 2006 and is in the process of reviving it to power Blue Bunch Media as he begins a new journey into Radio and TV broadcasting.

Melanie Kanyepi</p>
<p>HR Consultant, Radio & TV Presenter, Voice-Over Artist, Event MC, and Traffic Manager

Melanie Kanyepi

HR Consultant, Radio & TV Presenter, Voice-Over Artist, Event MC, and Traffic Manager
Melanie KanyePi is a dynamic force of talent, seamlessly blending her legal background with her passion for media and entertainment. Armed with an LLB degree, an HR diploma, and an impressive array of certifications, Melanie has made her mark as an HR consultant, radio, and TV presenter, as well as a sought-after voice-over artist and event MC.
Her journey in the world of radio recently led her to join our station as a Traffic Manager, where she ensures the smooth flow of content and keeps the airwaves buzzing with excitement.
With a captivating voice and an infectious energy, Melanie is the voice of choice for various projects and a charismatic presence at events. Her ability to juggle multiple roles with finesse and her commitment to excellence make her a true standout in every endeavor.
Discover the dynamic world of Melanie KanyePi right here on our station